our vision

Canyon Ridge is a church where everyone is welcome to explore faith and grow at their own pace.

Our Process

At Canyon Ridge, we understand a vital relationship with God to be more of journey than a possession or even just a good personal decision.  It's more like the adventure of climbing a mountain than it is making a good purchase at the store or receiving a valuable gift from a loved one.  Although a relationship with God is indeed a valuable gift, it is one that always calls us forward.  We won't experience it fully if we just receive it and say, "Thanks".   The gift is an invitation on a journey.  At Canyon Ridge, our aim is to invite everyone who walks through our doors to embark on that journey, which we see as consisting in three primary components.  We journey through Exploring Faith, Discovering Community, and Reaching Out To Others.  This process is not a mere set of programs, as we deeply desire to see everyone that attends Canyon Ridge Church grow personally in their relationships with God and other people, and serve others outside the church.

Explore Faith.  Discover Community.  Reach Out To Others.

Explore faith

Corbin Bernsen said of humanity, "We are all explorers, it's in our souls."  We are all travelers on this planet trying to make sense of this life.  Everyone starts out in life as an explorer.  All of us at one time were exploring faith - and many of us still are.  This is the starting point for everyone and the first step in the process.  When Andrew first met Jesus he was on a personal expedition for the Messiah.  After meeting Jesus he immediately went to find his brother and introduced him to Jesus.  Exploring at CRC happens primarily in two places - on Sunday mornings and at The Alpha Course.  These together represent our "Base Camp."  At Base Camp explorers are introduced to faith through biblical teaching, open discussion (Alpha) and lively worship (Sundays).

Discover Community

After spending some time at Base Camp, exploring faith, explorers will be equipped and ready to take the next step of their journey with Christ - becoming discoverers.  Discoverers never quit exploring faith, but decide to take that challenge further with the help of others on the same journey.  Discovery happens at CRC in Community Groups - small groups of anywhere from 7 to 15 people where people can gather and work out their faith together.  As Sir Edmond Hillary said, "It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves."  Any trek through life is filled with challenges, danger, and tragedy; and so our motto for this second step is, "No one climbs alone."

Reach Out To Others

Jesus said in Luke 19:10, "For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost."  The natural progression for every Christian is to eventually begin to guide others.  When you have walked the path a while, you have the opportunity to aid others on their journey.  Step three is Reach.  It simply implies reaching out to your fellow man.  At this step discoverers become guides, or they assist guides in leading and serving others.

According to Webster's a guide is, "a person who leads anyone through unknown or unmapped country. This includes a guide of the real world, as well as a person who leads someone to more abstract places (such as to knowledge or wisdom)."  Guiding for us means, serving and leading explorers on their journeys, and inviting still other people to start theirs.  Jesus said if we remain in Him we will bear much fruit (such as love, joy, peace...).  Guides and their assistants have found this to be true in their own lives and now want to start seeing such fruit produced in others.