Our Staff

  • Joshua Shulkind

    Josh is passionate about preaching, building teams, casting vision and relationships. He does the majority of the weekend teaching at Canyon Ridge and loves to connect with and encourage others throughout the week.

    Family:  Wife, Adriana, and three kids--Mariana, Mateo and Marco
    Education: Double major in Philosophy and Political Science at the University of Washington and Masters of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary
    Outside the Church: Enjoys the outdoors, hiking, camping, as well as soccer, fitness and playing music.
    E-mail: joshua.shulkind@explorecrc.com

  • Matt Venable

    teaching pastor

    As a Teaching Pastor at CRC, Matt focuses primarily on, well, you guessed it, teaching...in various roles, be it on Sunday mornings, Community Groups, or the Alpha Course.  Matt is also key to the church's strategic planning and serves as a pastoral counselor.

    Family:  Wife, Olivia, and two boys--Isaac and Alex
    Education: Two degrees that work perfectly together  :)  A Master's in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary and a Bachelor's in Computer Science from Seattle Pacific University.  He also earned a minor in Business and another in French at SPU.  C'est tres chouette, n'est-ce pas?
    Outside the Church: Serving at CRC part time, Matt serves full-time as an officer in the Washington Air National Guard on Camp Murray.  His favorite sort of leisure in the whole world is an extremely intense day spent getting the maximum amount of fun out of a theme park.  Other than that, he's a pretty standard guy who enjoys things like food (almost all kinds, but particularly spicy foods and chocolate chip cookies), movies (you know, the big blockbusters with billion-dollar special effects), and using random, rarely used words (like "avaricious") in an everyday conversation.
    E-mail:  matt.venable@explorecrc.com

  • Trevor Hanson

    worship pastor

    During the week Trevor prepares and plans for our weekend gatherings.  He does graphic design, video, set design and develops other creative elements for Sunday mornings.  He also leads our worship team. 

    Family:  Wife, Somer; Dogs, LaDi and Bailey
    Education:  Bachelor’s in Children’s Ministry from Northwest University in Kirkland, WA
    Outside the Church:  Outside of his commitments here at CRC, Trevor can usually be found doing something that has to do with sports.  He enjoys working out, playing almost any team sport, and watching football and basketball. His favorite pro and collegiate teams are the Seahawks, Sonics (yeah, still), Mariners and the University of Washington. Trevor also coaches high school football and track at Franklin Pierce High School in Tacoma.
    E-mail:  trevor.hanson@explorecrc.com

  • Andrew Slack

    Young adults director

    Andrew is in charge of overseeing and running the program for young adults called 808 (ages 18-29). Backed by a strong leadership team and driven by a passion for sharing God's word, he works to equip young adults with the tools to reach out to the community and instill a passion for spending time growing themselves daily through reading and applying God's word.
    Family: Fiance, Christina
    Outside of the Church: Andrew enjoys many things aside from CRC, including spending time outside doing various activities. He enjoys many sports including: longboarding, ultimate frisbee and baseball.

    E-mail: andrew.slack@explorecrc.com

  • Tricia Boushack

    Children's Ministry director

    As the overseer of children's ministry at CRC, Ridge Kids, Tricia works with many volunteers to create a fun and safe environment for kids and students to encounter the love of Jesus. 

    Family: Husband, Jake
    E-mail:  tricia.boushack@explorecrc.com

  • Jenny Tumulty

    director of total HEALTH + wellness

    Jenny is the Faith Community Nurse for Canyon Ridge Church, integrating faith and health to support holistic congregational care.

    Family: Husband, Jacob, and two boys Dominic and Tyler

    Education: Jenny is a registered nurse with an Associate Degree in nursing from Pierce College with specialized training in faith community nursing/parish nursing from Pacific Lutheran University

    Outside the Church: When she is not taking care of others, Jenny enjoys spending time with family and friends, camping, hiking, beach walking and trying new recipes.

    Email: jenny.tumulty@explorecrc.com

  • North And Amanda Cady


    North and Amanda, with their daughter Ember, are an extension of the Canyon Ridge family. They are also former staff members at CRC. Now, as members of Wycliffe Bible Translators, they're mission is to see God's Word made available to everyone in their heart language. Of the 7000 languages spoken in the world today, over 1800 still don't have scripture. North is a language surveyor, working to define the remaining Bible translation needs in Papua New Guinea, a country with over 800 unique languages. Amanda ministers in their home, and keeps them connected to ministry partners back in the US.

    Education: Associates Degree at Pierce College, Language Survey and Literacy Certificate at Canada Institute of Linguistics

    Outside the Ministry: They love hiking and camping in the Pacific Northwest. They also enjoy painting, photography scrap-booking, eating hot wings and sharing their story with anyone interested.

    Partnering Information: www.wycliffe.org/partner/thecadyfamily